A10. Horse Dance Stick
Native American Indians used the Horse Dance Stick to honor the memory of a favorite horse, and carried the stick to tribal dances as a tribute to their lost companion. Those ceremonial dances are still performed today. This authentic 27" horse dance stick is made with a variety of items including leather, trade cloth, brass bells, tacks, feathers, & real horse hair. Horse dance sticks sell on the internet for anywhere from $200-$500. I am selling this one for only $75.
As was Red Dog, these next 3 pieces are also Cindy Jo creations. This piece, #149 of 500, sells for $960, but is available to you here for only $595. (45" x 18")
This last Dog Soldier, which I have thought of saving for myself, is #19 of 75, and sells for $960, but you may own it now for only $495. (43" x 19")
This piece by Cindy Jo is #24 of 75, and also sells for $960, but is available now for only $595.
This (30" x 15") limited edition antler mask, with handpainted clay face and intricate deer headdress, is a creation of Kathryn Yauney and normally sells for up to $895, but is available now for only $445.
This handpainted, clay face mask is accented by a gold plated eagle on the right cheek. Mask (27" x 14") by Kathryn Yauney normally $895, available now for only $445.
A5. Kills First Deer
A6. Spotted Eagle
A7. White Fox
This slightly smaller mask, also by Kathryn Yauney, measures
19" x 12" and is offered now for only $445.
This popular artist, Kathryn Yauney, makes amazing wall pieces like these fabulous limited edition masks with intricately designed headpieces.
A3. Dog Soldier IV
A2. Dog Soldier II
A1. Dog Soldier
(48" x 17")
Hanging Art, Wall Masks, & Such
This piece was $395, but is available now for only $95.
A4. Eagle Clock
(48" x 17")
A8. Eagled Buffalo Skull
Exquisitely painted buffalo skull (25x25") with sculptured winged eagles - $225.
A9. Indian Basket
Hand woven display basket of some sort, 15" wide and 16" long when hung, $45.
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A11. Eagle Claw on Antler Handle
Extensive detail went into this valuable work of art. Part antler and part simulated eagle foot with leather, feathers, fur, and beadwork all adding to its beauty. The beading adds hundreds of dollars to its value. Hurry, this won't last long at only $295.