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Beautiful natural piece of wall art handmade with leather and feathers. For sale for only $15. (3" wide x 22" long)
A27. Dream Catcher
Beautiful combination of leather, skins, feathers, and beads make this medicine wheel with four directions of Mother Earth and prayer bag. (4.5" wide x 15" long). For sale for $30.
A26. Medicine Wheel
Leather, animal skin, bone, stone, and beads were all used to make this authentic 3" wide x 22" long medicine bag .... $25
A23. Medicine Bag
Leather and skin was used to make this authentic
2" x 3" x 21" long medicine bag .... $10
A24. Medicine Bag
Leather and deer (?) skin was used to make this authentic 1.25" x 3" x 16" long medicine bag .... $10
A25. Medicine Bag
Native American Medicine sticks were used for spiritual healing, medicine and prayer. This medicine stick (12" x 39"), also called a prayer stick, has prayer feathers, a dream catcher, and gorgeous beaded handle, with artist signature card & description. This unique sacred piece is for sale for only $75.
A22. Indian Medicine Stick
Also displays a medicine wheel with the four sacred directions of earth, made of leather with beads...... for only $15. (3" x 9.5")
A28. Sacred Dream Catcher
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