Hand Painted Shields, Hides, & Skins
This large 42.5" hide painting, by Navajo artist Andrew Warren, is offered at a once in a lifetime price of $1995. The art gallery price for the painted hide alone was over $4400.
B1. Big Bear
<--- This $1995 sale price includes this 6'10" solid knotty wood tripod, helping to make this the ultimate showpiece of anyone's home.
The wonderful works of art on this page are so unique and rare that it has been impossible to find anything to compare.
B3. Indian Prayer
B4. Wolf Prints
B2. Wolf Brave
This unique painted shield by Val, is another impossible to find work of art. It has a painted center plate, combined with hide, leather strips, furs, feathers, and even a claw. The shield alone is 24" in diameter, 27" at widest point, and hangs 60" long. Hopefully someone can appreciate this wonderful piece and its price of just $995.
1977 work of art by Paintedfoot. Hide surrounded by skin and fur. Shield is 29" in diameter, 45" from top to tail long. Willing to sell for the ridiculous price of only $295.
Another marvelous painted skin by Andrew Warren, and my personal favorite. The shield alone is 32.5" in diameter with a hanging length of the hide of 52" long. Valued anywhere from $2500-$3,000, but can be yours now for just $1245.
Navajo artist, Andrew Warren, was born in Arizona to the Folding Hands People in Red Mesa. A recording artist with the Indian Creek Singers, he has become well known for his creative hide paintings, as well as his etched pottery. His work is owned by collectors around the world, as well as many celebrities. Feel the spirit of this artist and his people by owning and forever enjoying the beauty that is his work.
About the Artist - Andrew Warren
B5. Tears of Blood
Only the 2nd Spirit Shield made by Blackfeet artist Rob Threefeathers, Dec. 30, 1996, with dated and signed scroll with poem to my brother, Big Bear. The shield itself measures 16" x 21" but hangs 87" from top to bottom of decor. This is Indian art at its finest. Can be yours for a mere $395.
Masks & Other Hanging Art ------->>
B6. Indian Drum
This authentic drum was created using all natural materials of hide, leather, and wood and makes a wonderfully loud deep sound. It is 13" x 14" with two leather drum beaters 14" & 17" long. For sale for only $145.
B7. Eagle Shield
This magnificent work of art was created by brothers Richard and Mike Norton using all natural materials, fox, coyote, rattlesnake skin, buckskin, and antler pieces. It is 23" wide, hangs 39" long, and measures 9" from wall to beak. For sale way below wholesale at only $695.
This is the real thing.....Beautifully handmade to last forever, 58" long, for only $45.
B9. Leather Whip
Complete animal skin/hide including head and tail, very thick heavy fur, beautifully leather lined, well made with leather stitching to last a lifetime, sacrifice for $175. (18" wide x 48" long from top strap to end of tail).
B8. Fur Shoulder Bag/Purse
For a limited timed only, purchase B6 above and receive FREE this 22" x 25" nicely framed print (E67) celebrating the drum being at the heart of Indian music and celebration of life, which itself is being offered for $75 in the "Paintings & Framed Prints" gallery.