C11. Indian Drum
This authentic drum was created using all natural materials of hide, leather, and wood and makes a wonderfully loud deep sound. It is 13" x 14" with leather drum beaters 14" & 17" long. For sale for only $145.
Hand carved from what I believe to be Alabaster rock and very similar to pipes made by world famous sculptor Ben Livingston, this beautiful dual bear head pipe measures 2.5" x 10". It is for sale for only $175.
C10. Two Headed Bear Pipe
Peace Pipes, Drums, & Walking Sticks
This peace pipe, the prized piece of the collection, is an authentic pipe of the Choctaw Tribe of Oklahoma. It is a black walnut hand carved stem and stand, deer horns, seed beads, white elk hide, pipestone, brass tacks, imitation eagle feathers, hand carved bowls, glass crow beads, and is 33.5" long. This magnificent work's gallery price is $1800, but can be yours now for only $895.
C1. 'Saved a Warrior on Horseback' Pipe
This exquisite 45" long work of art is signed only with artist initials, but is decorated like no other you will ever see. This unique piece is literally a steal at only $695.
C2. Antler Peace Pipe
This exquisite 46" long work of art consists of a handcarved wooden bowl, stem wrapped in hides, leather, & beads, and decoratively accented with fur and streams of leather & beads. This large beautiful piece is only $595.
C3. Peace Pipe - 46"
This smaller 22" hand carved pipe is signed with artist initials, nicely carved wooden bowl with eagle head, and feather carved into stem. This unique piece is literally a steal at only $125.
C5. Eagle Head Peace Pipe
This exquisite 28" long pipe is signed only with artist initials, but is decorated like no other you will ever see. This special piece is literally a steal at only $395.
C4. Feathered Peace Pipe
This 19" long pipe, carved from a single antler, is wrapped with beautiful bead, fur, and leather work. This pipe retails for $600, but is for sale here for $195.
C9. Antler Pipe
This 18" tomahawk pipe was one of the most prized items of the early French and English fur traders, who moved amongst the Native Americans trading beads, ornaments, and highly desired metal and iron items. This highly valued pipe is offered for only $395.
C8. Tomahawk Trade Pipe
This small 9.5" long pipe is wrapped in beautiful leather, accented with beads & feathers, and mounted on small antler stand. This was made to actually be used and enjoyed, and is for sale for only $145.
C7. Small Antler Pipe
C12. Walking Stick
Hand carved Native American walking stick, 5'4" with leather, beads, and turquoise accents. Very intricate detail in this one of a kind work of art. In great demand, and the icing on the cake to any collector. I sold all the other walking sticks and kept this one for myself for its unique beauty, as well as usefulness. I will part with it for $225.