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Framed Prints & Rare Paintings - P.4
Notice when viewing the following art work the beautiful matting and framing which
comes with most, some costing up to a thousand dollars to have professionally done.
E37. Wolf Feather
E32. Quanah Parker
E39. Wolf
E33. Buffalo Medicine
E35. Calling of the Grandfathers
E34. Southside Lance Carrier
E31. Cave of the Bear Clan
Beautifully framed hand painted feather with beads 10" x 21". Would add elegance to any room, and yours for only $275.
Nicely framed with carved matted print of Comanche Quanah Parker, personally signed to "K D Edwards - Best Wishes" by Bob Dale 1984, 17" x 23", for only $95.
Magnificent print personally signed by famed Dakota Sioux artist, Van B St John, Jr. Born and raised on the Crow Creek Sioux Reservation in 1955, he became interested in drawing both buffalos and warriors on horse back as a child. This 22" x 30" beautifully framed and matted piece is # 726 of 1000, and is for sale for the special price of $395.
This colorful print is another piece by Pawnee artist Charles W. Chapman, whose paintings and prints are in great demand and in the finest collections throughout the world. No expense was spared in the matting and framing of this one. It is 31" x 37" and is for sale for only $525.
Rare print by Carole Bourdo, honored by the Black Foot Tribe and inducted in a naming ceremony as Princess "Ma_Ew_Yakee" which translates as "Wolf Woman". This piece, richly matted and framed, measures 13" x 16" and was personally signed to my own brother, Big Bear. For sale for $125.
Another large magnificent piece by Cherokee artist Bill Rabbit. The detail in the exquisitely carved matting is a work of art in itself and would be the show piece of any home. It measures 31" x 39" and is for sale at the great price of $695.
Unique piece, 19 of 1000, by well known artist Jeri Oktalonli, a finalist in the 47th Annual Trail of Tears Art Competition and a featured artist at the Koshare Indian Museum in La Junta, Colorado. Her work is inspired by legends, stories and dancers. This very large piece measures 35" x 43" and is for sale for $395. Notice the art wonderfully carved in the surrounding matting.
E38. Legend of Summer Cloud
This is a fine art print from an original watercolor by Jan Taylor. Her dramatic images combine total abstraction with realism. This combination has made her work both unique and highly sought after by collectors and dealers throughout the U.S., Canada, and England. This classy matted and framed print measures 17.5" x 21.5" and is for sale for only $275.
E36. Cowboy Prayer
Nicely framed and matted,
11.5" x 13.5" - $35
"From the top of the mountains I see Him,
from the hills I behold Him."