But even the churches, religions, nations, and governments consist of and strongly use emotion as their main weapon. And even the medical profession and schools have told us emphatically that emotion is good, and that thought and our intellect are who we are and what separate us from the animals. We are raised (trained) to believe that is what we are, and that is what our world is of and about. Yes, they sure have us believing it and living that way. Because without it, they could not control us, and make us whatever they want us to be.

And we think we are free. We think that we want to be, are supposed to be, and actually are in control of our lives. Well, look closely! Those are the world's thoughts, implanted in us, and even more dangerous, we have been taught that "that" is all there is, and if it wasn't for "that," there would be nothing else. So we hold on for dear life, do not question, and look no further. We continue to live from the energy source of this world, and imagine our whole existence to be that. We are even told that when our brain is dead, it is the end of us. We are born into the world of phenoumena, and we die clinging to it, fearing all the time to stop and seek anything more.

Evil has played the perfect con on us, "Satan's" greatest trick. First to make us doubt that pure evil exists and then to present what are negative desires and life choices as the Lamb and Spirit of God, actually coming in His name. He has turned our belief system upside down through false images of what God is and how we should live. What is evil, and not real, has now been accepted as goodness and reality. What is of a negative world has been made to seem like that of what is pure, good, and righteous.
Not the churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques too? How can that be when they speak of God, Christ, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, and use these names and other holy sacred things? If not for the churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques, where would we go in search for Truth and to be one with our God?

If any church, religion, or organization by and of man incorporates emotion into their beliefs, services, and doctrine, it is for certain that they are not of the Spirit. For as we have discussed, emotion, and all thoughts produced there from, are not of the world of Noumena, Truth, or Reality, but rather is in contrast to and in conflict with it. You can't be of both worlds. You can't live by both power sources at once. And most importantly, you cannot come to or be in the Spirit with God through the use of the other world and the products there of, which are thought and emotion.

So what is the Way? What and where is the True Church? Who is the priest, guru, rabbi, or wise man who will show us and tell us how to live? What do we have left, if anything, if we give up all that we know, and all that we have come to know as ourselves? Is that even possible?

In the next chapter, The Mystery of Life, we will learn the true mystery behind all religions.
To hear and recognize the Truth is surely a gift . The Spirit of Truth has led you to this site, at this time, for a reason. What you have read so far has touched you in some way. Which means, you have these same Truths in you, and thus recognize them. Or, you are being awakened and made aware of these Truths, now, for a reason. Either way, you are blessed, for to become consciously aware of Truth is the rarest and greatest of gifts. It is written, "Blessed are those who have eyes and see, and ears and hear." We have discussed and you have recognized the "What". Now, we must learn and understand the "How."

To learn the How, we must examine the many fallacies, misconceptions, and untruths, that are prevalent throughout our societies, cultures, and religions, and how these untruths, clothed as Truth, have lead us astray, and keep us in Darkness, distracted, unaware, and away from the Light. We will discover many wolves in sheep's clothing! We must expose, understand, and discard them, for they have become our blinders, keeping us from the Truth and the Spirit.

Please be aware of the mindset necessary to see in depth the Truth to come, for it will shake the very foundation of many powerful images in your life, some that you may never have questioned, and others that you may even hold close to your heart. If you feel so inclined, to prepare you more for this journey, reread the previous chapter. Dwell on it and understand it, so that we may sail forward and discover in the vastness of the unknown, the true Mystery of Life.
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If we perceive of or believe there is a God, a Spiritual Light, Truth, Morality, Goodness, Conscious Awareness, or whatever we wish to call or conceive It to Be, then we must concede that an opposite exists also. It couldn't be any other way, for to be aware of anything, we must also be aware that there is something to contrast or measure it against. In math, we cannot have an angle, if we do not recognize what no angle is. In other words, we couldn't understand what left is, if we didn't have right, wouldn't conceive of up wthout down, day without night, heaven without hell, and so on. Even in Physics and Astronomy, we have the concept of space and time measured and understood in relationship to emptiness and timelessness.

Thus, if there is Goodness, there must be Evil. If there is Truth, then there are Untruths. If there is a real Supreme Power or Intelligence in the Universe, a pure Spirit of Goodness, and the Light of all things, then there also exists a real Negative Force, the pure Spirit of Evil, and Darkness in and of the World. And vice versa.

It is in our souls, a place of higher consciousness, that Good and Evil must reside, for without souls, or a place for them to exist, our lives would be like the animals, void of any sense of right or wrong, good or bad. For as we discussed previously, animals cannot do anything wrong or bad, for they naturally live off of and react, solely, to the world or environment around them. They do not feel any guilt, and have no awareness of conscience. And we, as human beings, do.
If There Exists God,
Then There Must Exist the Opposite
Men and women are obviously different from all other living things. We have something to distinguish us from them. We have evolved to a being which is now born with a higher level of conciousness and the freedom to choose. Free moral will if you like. And it is because we have that freedom to choose, unlike the animals, that we are responsible for our decisions and actions not only in this world by the courts of law, but in the more universal sense, spiritual world, or whatever we perceive as Moral Truth or Righteousness.

That Spirit, or its opposite, is what teaches and guides us in our mortal life. They are the powers, or power sources, from which we live. Just like the different power sources of AC and DC, we can only be plugged into and work off of one at a time. We are created in a positive state, with a potential sense of conscious awareness, and are meant to work off of and live from that power source, or Holy Spirit. But, the opposite source, a negative current, the spirit of evil, the devil or Satan if you like, has deceived us into believing that it is not only okay, but preferable, to live and relate from the world, his world of emotion and thought.

But how? Why would we ever choose a negative life force over a more positive spiritual one. There is only one scenario that could keep us doing that. The most devious trick "Satan" could ever pull on us would be to turn the world backwards or upside down by disguising the world and evil as goodness. To make every aspect of the world of pleasure, emotion, and intellect, seem like heaven, and at the same time describing that false heaven with the very words and labels that should be reserved for God, Truth, and Righteousness. To make us yearn for what we shouldn't by making the bad seem good and pleasurable, and the good seem bad and distasteful.
"You Will Either Love the World & Hate The Truth,
or Seek the Truth & Reject the World. "
Is it possible that this is what is happening in our societies and world today? Has evil implanted this world of Phenoumena into everything, even our most sacred institutions, and in doing so, displaced the need and awareness of another world, the world of Truth, Understanding, and Reality? Just ask yourself, "Where do I see the most emotion and thought, where am I being subjected to the most emotion and thought, and for what reason?" Well, is it not in our schools, churches, governments, and throughout every culture? Those who wish to control us the most, do so with emotion in order to breed the thoughts they desire us to have, and the life source they want us to live from and pay homage to.

And those thoughts and emotions are what we have been told are us. And it is us, our egos, our mindset, our beliefs, all of which regulate and determine our actions. We are that. That is the me, the I. Without that, I, or the image of me, the ego, would not exist. And they are and they must be continually fueled by that energy source. And it is not of the Spirit or Spiritual World as we have previously discussed it.

The world as we know it is based on emotion, excitement, pleasure, and all the temptations that come with and preceed those things. If someone can make you emotional, no matter what they are "selling" or pretending to be, whether in God's name or any other, they control your thoughts and thus your actions. The image you have of yourself, and all that you think and do, is controlled by anyone and anything you get emotion from. If you are emotional, you are not in control of any part of your soul or being.
"The World is not a Playground, it is a Schoolroom.
Life is not a Holiday, it is an Education."
"Many will Come in My Name to Lead You Astray."
Emotions Control Our Thoughts,
and Thought Breeds Fear
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