The kingdom of heaven is within us, just as the Universe is part of us and we of it. No person, no church, no nation, no organization can or will ever give it to us. If we keep going outside to these worldly entities, no matter what they call themselves, we will never find it. All we will continue to find are the images of what they want us to believe is God, or Truth, or Heaven and Hell. It is an endless mind game, dressed up by each culture or nation under different doctrines, labels, and promises.

You cannot trust anyone to tell you what Truth or God is or how to get it. No one can give it to you, nor can you buy it or earn it with money, donations or good works. For without it, there is no Good. God is Goodness, Love, and Kindness. We can't put the cart before the horse and expect to get anywhere.
The Mystery of Life
In Christianity, Jesus spoke of God's kingdom as being within us. In Eastern Religions, they teach more directly to not look to the world, but instead learn to be still and introspective. Their sacred books speak of clearing the mind of thought and the heart of emotion, so one can be closer to God, so we may live in the Spirit and the Spirit in us.

Do not simply accept this or anything else anyone says as Truth. That is the spiritual equivalent of being lazy, and how most of us have been living all our lives. You must take all the time that is necessary to learn how, and then see and discover Truth for yourself.

When asked what the church should look like and where they should build it, Jesus looked at Peter and replied, "Upon this rock I shall build my church." He was speaking of Peter, the man, one of Jesus' disciples. He was saying, the Spirit would come upon and live through Peter and others like him, who were good and strong, and had faith and devotion. They would be the living example and testament of the Universal God in man. This is the Church, the Temple, the Mosque! Not the buildings, images, ceremonies, and ideologies created by men out of man's world.
"Our Pure Still Heart and Soul is God's Sanctuary"
Remember what the greatest commandment is? Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all your heart, soul, and mind. This must come first. Seek and understand. Look deep and become aware of these things that you have been reading here.

Don't trust anyone with your salvation. That is not what any true God would intend you to do. There is only one Truth and it is the Spirit that will show you that and lead you to salvation. Find it for yourself and in yourself. That is what our lives are for. A pure universal Spirit is waiting to fill all our souls with Truth and Understanding. But it can't as long as we continue to fill ouselves and our souls with the thoughts and emotions of the world.

We can choose to die to this world, so we can live eternally in and with the true Spirit. Or, we can choose to live from this world until we die. That is our freedom of choice. It has given it to each of us at birth. We have no excuse. We choose one or the other, if we are aware of it or not, every moment of every day. We either seek that Truth that will free us from this world, or we continue to indulge in the world, along with all it's deceptions.

"Blessed shall be those who gather in My Name, for it is to them that I will reveal Myself." That is to say, in the name of Truth and in the search there of, there will Enlightenment be given and the Spirit revealed. This is the True Church! It is the Beatitude, in the Stillness, absent of thought and ego, arrived at through true prayer and meditation.
"True Prayer is not Speaking Words to God
.... It is the Seeking of His Spirit"
When asked how to pray, Jesus, as well as many great men and prophets, said not to go to the churches, or synagogues, and repeat words with the crowds of people. For they want to be seen and held in high regard by men for doing good and following the scriptures. But is that not exactly what we do and are taught in churches, temples, and synagogues? We mumble and repeat prayers or chants over and over, whether with others or to ourselves. We get all emotional with music and song, and rant and rave on and on about God and salvation and how we are saved because we have been baptized, accepted this prophet, lord, or savior, or belong to this true church or that true religion. We wear crosses, stars, dots on our foreheads, put fish on our cars, wail at the wall, and bow to the east or the west, all so the world will think we are the chosen few and special ones.

We have created all kinds of traditions, ceremonies and holidays to have more and more reasons and ways to show off our religions and the images we have created of God in our likeness. Yet our lives do not change. The world goes on just the way it has. All we have done is create more ways to distract ourselves from the Stillness and the Truth. We seem only to want more reasons to be proud, rather than die to our egos and self absorptions. And we use God's name in many forms to make us feel proud and right in living this way.

Shame on us. We were told when we pray to go into our own rooms and be still and quiet, so as not to flaunt ourselves in prayer, or even while doing good works. We were told not to be proud and ambitious, for those are not of the Spirit, but a show for man. We keep using God's name to sell to ourselves these false images of goodness and the other emotional by-products of the world.
We have been told in many ways how to live every aspect of our lives in order to be one with the Spirit and enjoy and partake of Heaven on this earth. The Truth and the Word has not been passed on to us for our intellectual fondling, or for us to pick and choose over, or change to our liking.

It is very clear! It needs no interpretation. "Be Still and know that I am God." "Go into a room or place alone, and be still in prayer and meditation." "Do not repeat words or chants or the same prayers over and over." But instead, as in Christian terms, dwell on the following things:

Firstly, "Our Father who art in Heaven" - In stillness, dwell on the Lord and His Spirit.

Secondly. "Hallowed be Thy Name" - spiritually cherish it. Don't use Truth, God, or the Spirit for worldly or vain purposes, like bragging you are this or that.

Thirdly, "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, here on earth as in heaven" - It is here now for us.

Fourthly, "Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us" - We are all sinners, so do not judge or condemn others, but forgive everyone, if we want to be nourished and forgiven.

Lastly, "Lead us not into temptation, for thine is the Kingdom, the Power, the Glory" - protect us from the world, give us the strength to resist it, because our soul and true nature can and will exist only in the power and glory of God's pure and universal Spirit.

"If You can Become Aware of God's Spirit
Within You, You will be before and with God"
You see, true prayer is not speaking words to inform God what we want, need, or believe. It is the seeking of that Presence or Spirit and being transformed by it. A pure still heart, soul, and mind is God's sanctuary. And as you see and experience this, you will lose the desire for things of the world having access to that sanctuary.

To have that complete stillness of mind and oneness with the Universe, we must first stay aware of what feeds or gives energy to our thoughts and minds. By being still and simply watching, we will see very clearly how our minds keep churning and pulling us into all kinds of new thoughts, imaginative conversations, and the like. It is emotion that fuels our thoughts. And it is thought which gives rise to emotions. A vicious cycle. To slow down and eventually stop our run away minds, we have to start cutting off the energy source. We must learn how to live without emotion, and quit reacting to things and people around us. Just like a car, our minds will slow down as they begin to run out of fuel.

But look around us. The whole world we live in is packed full of noise and emotion. The blaring music, the gossip and chattering of our friends and cohorts, our TV's, the traffic, our jobs, and everything else which bombards our senses almost constantly throughout the day and night, adding more fuel to the engines of our minds. See how our whole world is designed to distract us and keep us worked up, so we can't and won't, even for a moment, be able to go anywhere near that one place that would expose the world for what it is. That place being in Stillness, where the real Truth, the Spirit, and our Salvation from this insanity really and truly exists.
Let Go and Let God!
We must see this and become aware that this is happening to us. Each time we think and look to that Stillness, in the peace and quiet of our own room, we must notice how quickly we are pulled back into this world of thought and imaginings. See how little control we have over it. Watch how it keeps grabbing us and pulling us away from the Present and the Stillness. Just try it and discover this endless cycle which we seem to have no power over.

If you have tried it and see it clearly, you are aware of the power the world has over us. And we thought we were in control. How little we knew. But wait and remember, it is Truth that can and will set us free. Not us, not our trying. Something greater must do it. For there is one secret that I have yet to mention. The Evil one cannot stand in the presence of the Light. Just like in the vampire movies, the vampire cannot ever go into the sunlight. Neither will the real Satan ever stand in God's presence or in the Light of the Spirit. He and his powers have no strength or can have no hold on us in the presence of the Spirit.

This next point is one of utmost importance. We cannot make our own minds still and quiet. As long as we keep trying, we get more caught up. That is because our trying involves the very thing we want to stop. Our ego and mind wants to do the stopping. We are the ones still trying to control and be in control. But the Truth and Spirit we seek only exists in the absence of the "I", the "me", the ego. These are all the by-products of Satan's world. So the ego will continue to exist, as long as there is trying. By trying, the mind will never stop itself.
Satan Cannot Stand in the Presence of the Light!
We must on a regular basis be quiet and alone so we can watch and observe what is going on in our minds. Sit or lie perfectly still and continue to see how you are pulled away into thought. Pull back and watch again. Don't react to it, just watch! Do this regularly and you will notice something fantastic happening. Every few days you will notice how you can stay aware longer, and even pull back quicker when thoughts pull you in.

It is hard I know. At first you will feel like you are going to climb the walls or come out of your skin. Some just won't and can't seem to do it. The fear is too great. That is why solitary confinement is still considered the worst punishment in prisons. People are afraid of being alone. But realize, that is only Satan's way of keeping you far from the Light. And if you will slowly resist the temptation not to sit still, and start allowing more and more time to be alone and quiet, that fear will slowly loose control over you. Because in those brief moments that you allow yourself to be still, a Holy Spirit will begin to grow in you. And as that Spirit grows in you, Satan's hold on you becomes less and less. Evil cannot and won't remain in the Light!

As we grow in the Spirit, we will notice the excess noise and baggage of our lives slowly leaving us. This is what is meant by Dying to the World! It will leave or give us up, for it has no power over us in the presence of the Lord. We don't have to fight it off or try to stop it. It will give us up! That includes habits we wish to break or evil ways we want to give up. When we stop trying, and simply learn to be still and quiet, they will slowly loosen their hold on us and give us up.
"Prayer and meditation is concerned with transcending
the Ego, and involves focusing in the present moment."
As we learn to be still more and more, and as our minds quiet, we will become aware of our own breathing and the tingling of life running through the different parts of our bodies. We will feel that tingling in our fingers, hands, feet, and head. The longer you can stay with it, the more you will feel like there is a warm glow coming over them. It is like blushing in the presence of the Lord. That is us feeling the Spirit's energy and life force, maybe for the first time. We will learn to recognize it as a wonderful warmth in the present, a oneness with God's Presence in the Universe.

This is true meditation. If we stay with it, we will soon be in and feel this state of meditation in everything we do, including lying quietly in our beds, dealing with our families and friends, and our work. We will learn to recognize that state and be more aware of it, each moment from day to day. We will be aware of when we are in that state and when we are not. When in that state we will feel the joy and peace of a Holy Spirit in everything we do. When not in that state, we will feel uncomfortable and out of place in the world.

As we grow spiritually, we see our two worlds start to turn right side up. We are beginning to feel more at home in the Stillness and presence of the Spirit, and more uncomfortable and out of place in the world, Satan's world. We are now cherishing the Light. And we are now disliking the darkness, along with things of the world we were once so attracted to. We are switching power sources. We are beginning to live more and more from the Spirit, not the world.
You Can Actually Feel The Spirit's Presence
And as we grow in that Spirit, we become continually more calm, more intuitive, more positive, more confident, happier, and even healthier. We are not stressed out by the world as we once were. That day to day stress which once got inside us and ate away at our very cells, now will just roll off of us like water off a duck's back. Freedom from stress will allow our bodies to heal naturally in many ways. The Spirit is a positive evergy force, and we will now be allowing It to take over and control all the cells in our body. The Universal Spirit is our Life Force. The spirit of darkness is one of decay and death. By living from the Spirit, we will be allowing our Natural Healing powers to work, ridding our bodies of many ailments and diseases of the world.

Try it. Start today. Learn to sit and wait in stillness with the beatitude of devotion, honesty, and humility. It is then that you will begin to perceive the Joy and Bliss of the Spirit filling your heart, mind, and soul. You will feel like the weight of the world has just been lifted off your shoulders. And that is exactly what has happened. It is a marvelous thing. The rarest of things. And once experienced, you will never again trade it for the world!

We have been promised us many things on this earth. They are our destiny. But only when we are willing to remove our blinders, face the Light, and return to our True Nature.

In the next two topics, Eternal Master & Commander and Captain Your Own Ship, we will learn what it is like to truly be One with God, and to become living witnesses to the Spirit and ministers in the world of the Divine Plan.
Like Rising from a Grave of Darkness,
We Come Forth into the Light!
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