As we begin to rely more and more on the Spirit, through proper meditation and prayer, we slowly begin to lose interest in those things of the world. We begin to reduce and eventually avoid more and more of this worldly stimuli. The more we meditate and still the mind, the less we need it and the less it controls us. We are now reversing the cycle. We are growing in the Spirit, and dying to the world and the interest it once held for us.

We begin to feel what is true joy, bliss, and peace in our lives. And we even begin to yearn and crave that spiritual bliss and calmness, as we once craved the things of the world. We look forward more and more to when we can pray and meditate throughout the day. We cherish the Stillness. As this positive cycle continues, our conscious awareness grows and remains with us longer and stronger each day. We become more centered and grounded in the Spirit, and as time goes by, we start to notice our once over active mind slowing and even stopping, as we transcend the self and the things of the ego.

As we go through this metamorphosis, layers upon layers of old past feelings and memories will bubble forth for us to see. We must not run from them, even though some may be unpleasant. As we meditate and remain in the present with the Spirit, our very cells will change. For remember, evil can't exist in the presence of the Light. That evil which has made a home in our very cells is now escaping. Be not afraid. It may take many forms as this happens. Always remember, the Eternal Master and Commander has power over all and sails with and protects us always.
Our soul is NOT the mind,
will, or ego through thinking.
Our soul is the vehicle through
which God or Evil does its work!
Voice of the Eternal
If we begin to meditate as we have been discussing, we first discover what an hypnotic hold the world has on us. We will also see that nearly everything we run into throughout the day is designed mainly to keep our minds active and full. It seems there is no where one can go in our every day affairs where there is peace and quiet. Music is constantly playing everywhere, in our offices, on elevators, waiting rooms, and on the telephones when on hold. It fills our heads and keeps going round and round long after we get away from it or turn it off. The people we work around are constantly chattering and gossiping, an endless stream of noise and junk food for the mind. When we get home, we then deal with the noise and chatter of family, televisions, computers, and on and on. Amidst all this, how are we ever to hear the voice of God, and stay in tune to a Universal Spirit?

This is the place all of us begin from in seeking inner stillness. Layers upon layers of emotion, chatter, and noise. It has become part of our very cells. This is what we are made of, because we are what we react to all of our lives. We are the storehouse of the world's noise and trivia. It is the hypnosis of the world.

As we begin to meditate properly, we first become aware of the degree to which the world has hold of us. It seems overwelming, I know. But the cycle is reversible! Just as we accumulated it, we can and will shed it through proper meditation and prayer. We will first see and understand it through our growing conscious awareness, and secondly will begin to give up our past patterns of wanting, needing, and using it as a stimulus to live off of.
As we look at the remains of our old self, there comes a true repentance in the awareness of these things. This is true confession before God, and a real exorcism of the evil from our being. We must, through faith, learn simply to observe, unattached and unemotional. The Lord is cleansing us of years of worldly possession. Remember, that is no longer us. That is the old you and me, which is now in the past. We are different persons now, viewing these past dead things, while being in the present with the Spirit.

As days and weeks go by and we continue to meditate and pray properly, we become more and more cleansed and pure in mind, body, and soul. We now know how to look through the still eyes of awareness, without reacting. As we shed our old life, we will open up and begin to bloom, as if it were a rebirth of Spring.

We now are learning to live from an inner voice, instead of the noise and calling of the world. This is the Voice of Stillness and Perception. It is like a guiding Light which points the way for us each moment. It is not in words or thoughts of the mind, but rather a precious flow of energy and direction. A quiet nudging of our soul and pulling on our heart. We are now becoming truly genuine and real. There are no more facades, worry, or pretending. We are being made whole, confident in our new found Faith and the Realization that we are becoming, more and more, One with God and the Universe.
"Be in the Present, letting the Spirit of the Lord
in your Life, and you will become pure and genuine.
You will be as One in the Universe and will
hear It's sound or voice singing to you."
As we become more tranquil inside and still in the Spirit, we get closer and closer to hearing the real sound of God and the Universe. It is a vibration than can be felt. Like those in the past who were strong of the Spirit discovered, there is an actual sound or voice permeating through the universe. When one's own mind and soul becomes so purified that there is total stillness within, that sound may be heard.

The description of this sound seems to be a part of different religions and sects today. But remember, the description is never the thing. Some religions teach that one should imitate this sound in order to get close to God. They repeat it through chants in prayer or meditation, but then are only hearing the sound they themselves are making. The Voice of God is in the Stillness of our mind. If we are thinking, saying words, or making noises, then we are not Still. Our minds and our wills are still active, and we, the ego, are still trying to create a result.

If we are ever so blessed to hear this actual "Voice of all Eternal," it will not be by our doing, choosing, or recreating. It is the sound of the Universe, heard rarely, and only by those few who have become completely One with God, in a state of pure and total Stillness and Conscious Awareness.

The next topic, The True Church, will show us what a true church should actually be. And with all of our help, how this web site can become a universal vehicle in introducing the Truth about our World and the Spirit Within to many for the first time, and in a new congenial way.
"It is in Conscious Awareness that we reside One with the Spirit.
If there is a goal, it is to be Consciously Aware at all times.
That is to be One with God guided by his Spirit in all we do."
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