True religion is not a church, temple, mosque, or any organization we belong to. Nor is it what we do in any church, temple, or mosque a few hours a week. It is, rather, how we relate to the Universe, our world, and all those around us. True Religion is how we live every moment, of every day!

The True Church, Temple, or Mosque is the place where God's Universal Spirit resides, in the souls of righteous men and women. It is not a man made creation, building, organization, or religous doctrine. One does not become holy or saved by some ceremony or ritual of man, no matter what name it is given. It is not the dunking of one under water, the anointing of oils or ashes, or the writing of one's name in any church's sacred book or file. These are only ceremonies and rituals created through the ages for the purpose of keeping us in the fold or flock, and under the control of people, groups, organizations, and nations. It is always for their power, glory, and riches. Just as they have always written history as they wished it to be remembered, those in power still try to control us through those same myths and images.

Any true church or religion would want to set you free. For that is the purpose of Truth. They would simply point and help you come to the Spirit Within, and then let you go to live from that Spirit and Truth, not theirs. When we are one with the Spirit, we are the Captain of our own ship, sailing under the flag of freedom and truth, a beacon of Light unto the world in all we do and say .
"The Whole World and Universe is Influenced by
Every Thought, Word, and Action of Each Individual."
As a true church or spiritual leader we realize that our purpose is to now point others to the Truth and Universal Teacher within them, guiding them gently to that Spirit which we ourselves have been so blessed to know and understand. When this is done, they too will see no need for all the ceremonies, images, and traditions that once filled our lives and were used to captivate us. They will now realize that the True Church is within, and if and when anyone wishes to be with God they must become still and quiet. That is the only place to find that Universal Spirit.

And with that Spirit within us, we will continue to sail our ship for the Lord. We will desire and continue to point others to this inner peace, bliss, and joy. We will do this as we are guided, for goodness and love will work through each of us in the proper time and way. Just as we were led to the Truth, as we continue to grow in the Spirit, will we be shown how to guide and lead others. We will be given the words to say to the right person at the proper time. Since we are now free of the burden of the world, we will promote and be the living example of those things of the Spirit.

As we first experience the true joy and bliss of the Spirit, our inclination will be to rush out and share it with all those we know. Be careful, for it is not to be that way. Let's not set ourselves up too much for the disappointment of finding out that most aren't interested and do not have the desire to learn or follow the Truth. We may quickly discover how many, even our closest friends and relatives, are afraid or to preoccupied to board our ship. They simply are not interested and prefer to only give lip service to those things of the Spirit, if that.
We cannot choose someone's time or place for enlightenment, anymore than we could have chosen ours. It is a precious gift, as to who is chosen and when. We should simply be available for the Spirit to work through us when the time is right. During those other times, do not waste God's Truth on those who are not ready. As written, "Do not cast pearls before swine." I know that raises a deep question. I have wondered it myself over the years, and yet have met no one who has any idea. It seems not for us to know who, when, and why.

We all have different gifts. Some are good artists, some orators, some teachers, some doctors and nurses, and some maybe just good hard workers. Yet, we must all be the reflection of God's Spirit in whatever it is we do. That means being ready to share the Truth with anyone in need, the best and simplest way we are shown.

As our world continues to become more fragmented and volatile, we are presented with the power to reach out and touch every individual on the planet. With the internet now reaching all corners of the globe, the Spirit of Truth may now follow. And each of us, by using this web site, can now be a vehicle for spreading the Truth. It has been established for that purpose. It is a modern, free, and nonthreatening way for us to become ministers and Captains of our own ship, bringing the True Spirit and Mystery of Life, one by one, to people throughout the world.
"Saying Something to Some Means Nothing;
to Others, It Leaves Nothing to be Said."
This is our web site. It has NOT been created to be Evangelistic, or for the purpose of creating money and wealth to build lavish temples or churches for show. We all have seen these types of "ministries" for years now. Their ships sail for governments, beaurocracies, and establishments that we as true pirates detest. They are dogmatic, greedy, threatening, and serve the financial purposes of only a few so called "men of God", not the True Spirit. Instead, our Church is built within each of us by the stillness and awareness of meditation, and our ship sails for freedom in search of Truth.

But to learn to meditate properly, and break the hypnotic hold the world has had on us for so many years, is often not such an easy thing. At the beginning, we might feel the need for help and guidance. But beware of people who want to charge you, and groups or cults who want you to join. Meditation is nothing to be purchased or arrived at by joining a group or religion. And the meditation I speak of is not a technique to be taught or practiced. It is a very private and personal relationship with God, whose Mystery is discovered only in silence and stillness. The awareness of that is the Meditation!
"Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's,
and unto the Lord what is the Lord's."
There will always be souls longing to hear and discover the Truth. Since there are many who are troubled and yearn for answers to life's mysteries, let's begin to reach out. Whether they be depressed, saddened, broken hearted, disillusioned, ill, or simply lost and searching, they await the help we can bring them. So when you feel that it is right and meant to be, allow yourself to share with others this website, The Spirit

Each day let's change the world one person at a time. You never know when this web address passed to a stranger or a friend, via e-mail or simply on a scrap of paper, might be the answer to a silent prayer.
"Be the True Church of the Holy Spirit"
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