The true facts and history of every nation, religion, and society have been written, translated, rewritten, interpreted, and changed by people in power at different times in order to influence and control the people under them. Every nation, culture, society, and religion has always kept their subjects or citizens emotionally under their control with pride in the traditions, ceremonies, and images surrounding that limited or distorted history. And it is through this, that battle grounds of ideologies exist, human beings become and stay distant from one another, and conflicts and wars continue. This is not freedom, mentally, psychologically, emotionally, or otherwise!

The world and our universe will continue to be nothing more than the reflection of what we, as individuals, carry within our hearts, minds, and souls. To truly change the world, we each must free ourselves from within through proper prayer and meditation. Our prosperity depends upon it, for it is only then that we will live in peace, consciously aware of a Spiritual Presence within us, and be as One with the Universe.

May you be blessed for coming here and taking the time to read these words. Hopefully they have touched you deeply and moved you to boldly sail forward into the Light with a Spirit of peace, love, and understanding.
Our Place in the Universe
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