10 Precepts for the 21st Century
1st - Look for the Spirit within you.....going to church, mosque, or temple doesn't make you a Christian, Moslem, or Jew anymore than walking in the rain makes you a cloud.

2nd - Lighten Up....There is not a shred of evidence supporting the foolish notion that life is so serious.

3rd - There is no need to debate religion....in simply understanding the vastness of life, you will realize there is no death.

4th - True peace lies in silence.....gossip, deceit, and fear are by-products of loose tongues.

5th - Be loyal to both family and friends.....remember that love is found through kindness.

6th - Forgiveness and Salvation is reserved for those who learn to follow their hearts.....instead of the dictates of men.

7th - Do not kill.....for we are all apart of the same whole.

8th - Do not borrow or steal.....nothing has real value or satisfaction without the positive energy through which it is created or obtained.

9th - Eat well, stay fit, live long.....while understanding that you will soon pass from one form of energy to a much more vast one.

10th - Do not covet worldly things.....enjoy what you are fortunate to have, and seek understanding of the Eternal above all else.
4. The Mystery of Life
3. Discover the Unknown
2. Search for Truth
1. Introduction
5. Voice of the Eternal
6. The True Church
8. 21st Century Precepts
7. Place in Universe
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9. Q & A's
10. Food for the Soul
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