Isn't it harder for some of us to live, work, carry on day to day affairs, and at the same time search for Truth, and remain in this Stillness and Spirit of which we speak?

Are you truly able to live this way yourself or do you, like me, find it to be a constant balancing act and frequent struggle?

How is it that some days are so full of Truth, Awareness, and the presence of the Holy Spirit, and other days, we can feel so lost and empty?

I seem to be questioning everything now, and wondering if anything I have been taught is real and true. I don't seem to believe in anything anymore. What is one to believe?

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4. The Mystery of Life
3. Discover the Unknown
2. Search for Truth
1. Introduction
5. Voice of the Eternal
6. The True Church
8. 21 Century Precepts
7. Place in Universe
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