One is very blessed to arrive at a point to even ask this question. It is a prerequisite for the Spirit of Truth to open your mind and admit that you do not know what to believe in. That is a Blessing! For it is not many who see clearly enough to question their own religious beliefs and dogmas. It is when one is willing to let go of their beliefs that they can go beyond to the real thing, the true Spirit of God. There is an emptiness and uncertainty that preceeds this enlightenment. But that is a good thing, because it is only then that fulfillment and enlightenment comes.

As one gets closer to letting go and questioning the very roots of their belief systems, as a last desperate effort, evil will play with our minds to the point that we may even question our sanity. Be aware that God is very near and that you are closer to the true Spirit and transformation than you may have ever been. Remain quiet, continue to pray and meditate, putting your life in the hands of God. It is then that you can begin to break through that final barrier to the realm of the Unknown. One cannot experience the Unknown as long as he or she holds on to beliefs.

Have no fear. Let go and let God. You are blessed and in God's care to have come this far in your Awareness of what is right and wrong. Do not doubt what you are seeing simply because others do not understand and won't question or let go of their dogmas, images, and belief systems. They may in time, if it's the Lord's will. Just be thankful that you are going forward, even if it seems like a lonely journey at times. I have been there also.
What is One to Believe?
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