This seems to be a question of great concern, especially for those new to the Spirit and the Truth. After the Truth has been revealed to us, we are joyous in those revelations, and in being One with the Spirit. Yet somedays, we may feel that we are lost or empty again. Look on these times as purely a test of our sincerety and the true inclination of our soul. And the more we live from the Spirit, the greater each test may be. One's faith and strength has the opportunity to grow during these times. So, think of these times as an opportunity and your own personal spiritual test!

Don't be disillusioned on those days when you feel lost and empty of the Spirit. Pray and meditate that much more, being aware that without God's Spirit within us we are helpless. Beware not to rush off and fill that emptiness with things of the world as you once did. Be patient, for when the Lord sees you are ready, he will fill you once again with even greater joy, strength, and conscious awareness.

Remember Peter, the likes of whom, like you, the True Church is built upon. Even he denied the Lord three times one morning, yet was forgiven and went on to live and even die serving the Lord.

Jesus too had his moments of temptation. For forty days and nights while in the desert, Jesus was tested by all sorts of worldly temptations and was tormented greatly by evil. But the Lord sent His Spirit to save him. And again, the night before his death, Jesus prayed to God and asked that he might be spared from what he knew was his destiny. But Jesus was always comforted by God's Spirit after praying, and his strength was renewed and faith restored. So too will we be.

So don't be too hard on yourself during those times when the Spirit seems removed and you suffer with temptation and those old yearnings for things of the world. These will seem like the hardest times to pray and meditate, but it is then when we must pray and meditate the most. For when the Lord sees this, He will acknowledge our devotion, and send His angels to minister to us and His Spirit to fill us, as He does to all His Children who are receptive.
How is it that some days are so full of Truth,
Awareness, and the presence of the Holy Spirit,
and other days, we can feel so lost and empty?
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