Isn't it harder for some of us to live, work, carry on day to day affairs, and at the same time search for Truth, and remain in this Stillness and Spirit we speak of?

The question is really how are we to live, carry on the day to day affairs of work and family, and still have time to devote to seeking Enlightenment?

Don't ever think or believe that it is easier for some more than others. We each have and will have our trials and tribulations. We all have parents, bosses, peers, and associates which pull us down and away from the search for truth. We have all been born in original sin and attracted to the things of the world. And we all must overcome it. It is not written anywhere that it is an easy road to travel. The easy choices or paths are always taken by the many. And it is obvious that this path is traveled by very few. Maybe that is why the reward is so great and wonderful.

You might even think that it would be easier for those of wealth or stature to have time, money, and the freedom to seek the Lord. But it is harder for those, for they have so much more invested which is worldly. Their minds and hearts are much more in the things of the world. They are always thinking of that world, and not of the things of the Spirit. This is why it is said, "It is easier for a camel to pass thru the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of the Lord."

In understanding our question, we must see how we divide up and fraction up our lives. Life was not meant to be this way. For seeking and following the Spirit is our life, as is work, play, eating, meditating, family, friends, etc. They are one and the same. It's our life. We live and in doing this we interact as we must. Enlightment and the Spirit is in the now. It is in all we do and all we live. When we see this, the question is answered and is no more.

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